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Uluwatu Beach - what really would compare

So beautiful, so exclusive and that much Fun. Several surrounding beaches to choose from, including the private beach at

Karma Kandara Villa

has excellent pool villas with these fantastic bale begongs to hang out, and even sleep at on mild nights with full moon and the stars above,

we are not even sure if all the other bedrooms are necessary, however since they are included it is nice to have them. Together with a living room and kitchen. All of stellar quality and the exact designs that fit.

Great place for a wedding in dream surroundings and ambiente. Also excellent for a vacation of a lifetime

Located as always in Uluwatu on top of the cliffs, ocean front and many nearby hotspots and other beaches to visit, including Padang-Padang, Dreamland beach and Jimbaran Bay.

Does something even come close. Not really, maybe in a different way, but if you like these combinations of essential things they have, we would suggest to have a closer look at

Karma Kandara



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Hotel rates have changed dynamically because demand and available rooms change daily as well. If you see a very low rate today, you should book the room asap. because they are not guaranteed to be that low next week, or even tomorrow.

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Bali Hotels & Resorts

2014: The 'crispy season' has almost started with less humidity than the rest of the year. While we are awaiting the change of season we recommend at the moment to book only ocean view, ocean front, and top cliff ocean front.

All other locations do not have the ocean breeze we simply not only prefer, but need to have the optimal Bali experience...

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Is a suggestion for an upmarket Bali accommodation that has a top cliff location and that is where its at right now: surfers, movie stars and wedding parties gather to celebrate their dream vacation in Bali. The only island that matters.

If you want to go upmarket from that you could have a look at the

The Edge Hotel Bali

that has gone from being just another 5 star hotel to be something we call high end boutique hotel.

Recommended if you usually like the main big resorts in the Bahamas or Miami and now come to Bali to find something better in current style luxury accommodation.

Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa Hotel

also qualifies for any purpose such as weddings, honeymoons and for something we consider at the moment the best weekend party in Bali - located to their left hand side nextdoors

This resort has some very good views all around the Uluwatu cliffs, from the main pool as well as from the individual villas and rooms. Reasonable rates for this area, and easy access to surrounding bars, clubs & restaurants.

Definitely recommended as well, there are so many hotels in Bali now that we only have time anymore to recommend the very best.



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Bali Island : Tropical Destination Bali

Treasure island Perhaps there has been much information about Bali Island as a travelers destination. But information about its sister islands is still very limited. Bali has four sister islands, three of them are located on the southeast of Bali (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) and another on the west near Gilimanuk harbor called Menjangan Island. Nusa means, " island " in Balinese words read more>>
Bali Destinations If you are going to Bali to watch the sunset and waves on the beach, you will have lots of fun. An increasing number of visitors want to see more than Kuta or Nusa Dua, and no doubt Bali has an abundance of cultural and historical places to visit, the following are the better known and famous ones read more>>
How to pick the airline
to fly to Bali ?

Airline tickets vary in prices and conditions and more than one airline can bring you to Bali. The big difference between the airlines are in the route they take and from whom you will purchase the ticket from. Since routes are changing quite often, it makes sense to ask an agent about your particular flight, chances are they know or can find out. Experiences tell it's still 50% uncertainty left after they advice you, because schedules change faster than the normal travel agent can keep up with read more>>

Bali's Beaches

One of the main reasons for attracting so many visitors is Bali's image as a beach destination, with white sandy beaches all around. Most of it is true, we like to help you to distinguish the different beaches to see if they fit your particular needs read more>>

Nightlife in Bali

Bali's main areas that attract visitors also all have their night spots. The tastes are different, so for some people the nightlife has something to do with the "Happy hour" offered at many bars and restaurants, others just wake up at this time of day to get ready for the night according to the motto the-later-the-better. A preferred area is the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak strip, busy at all times of day and also open 'til late" or even 24 hours read more>>

Bali a Shopper's Paradise

Guideline for the casual holiday shopper and the "shop till you drop" hard liner. Shopping is rarely a motivation to go anywhere that far away from home as Bali, unless you are doing it for business. However if you are visiting the island it can be great fun to see large ranges of fancy handicrafts and other unexpensive items that are produced locally on the island read more>>

Language of the
As you fight your way through the streets, restaurants and markets of Sanur, Ubud and Kuta, you quickly realize that there is a small selection of "standard" English greetings and phrases used by many of the people involved in the tourist industry read more>>



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