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We would like to answer the most frequently received questions, to provide easy access to all answers and explain how everything vacation and hotels related works in Bali. Only the real facts that will save you lots of valuable time and lead to actual results and smiling faces.

Basically it is all very simple. Send in your reservation request as early as possible, at least 2 months in advance. Earlier is definitely better, because one major problem and real issue with Internet reservations is this: rates are not usually available when booked last minute. Room inventories at these prices are very limited in quantity.

If any room is sold out and new room inventory has to get re-ordered again, normal retail rates can apply. Almost always will apply during the high season months June to September. And over the New Year's month. These months are always totally sold out early, at any price level. rates are only available if booked in advance, as long as room inventory lasts. Bali has two major disadvantages: 1) It is too small of an island , and 2) It has not enough hotel rooms for everyone, therefore in combination with discount rates there are generally two options:

Try to book last minute - pay retail, and still have real problems to actually get a room. If you're flexible we will direct you to a similar hotel. If you only want the hotel you have in mind it's better to plan ahead, because rooms are limited at discount rates. If you're early you can get the room at the hotel you want and save considerably at the same time.

Q: Are the rates I read on your pages valid prices?

A: Yes they are, however they are Discount rates and may not be available at all times. Should your requested hotel room be sold out, you will receive alternative options. Should there be any options available.

Q: What is the meaning of "HIGH Season: Jul.1 - Aug.31, +US$50"

A: You have to add $50 per room/per night to the Bali1 rate for that time period.

Q: If I ask today, if a room is available, and I will book this room in a few days, can you guarantee the availability ?

A: That is not possible, occupancy changes daily, your reservation is fully guaranteed only after a reservation request is received, and a confirmation is sent to you. Rooms will not go "on hold" for any inquiries, only for reservation requests. So asking that question, but not booking the room at the same time, is basically pointless.

Q: Your rates for rooms are for double occupancy , I need the rate for a single occupancy.

A: In Bali most of the accommodation is "per room" so the rate is the same for either single or double occupancy. Unlike a travel agent in your country. They might charge you per person. Here at there are no twin-share prices, always are quoted per room, or per 2-bedroom, or per villa. Never per person.

Q: Your rates are in US$, what are your rates in Australian $ ?

A: You can use your Australian bank rates (money transfer section) where the currency conversion will be done automatically, the exact amount is based on the exchange rate at time of your transaction.

Some room rates are only available by bank transfer, the "Instant Confirmation" rates are available for credit credit card bookings.

As reported by clients that booked several rooms with Bank transfers are cheaper than credit card payments just because of the better local exchange rates bank transfers have over credit card payments in US$.

For your orientation only: other currencies today : Check Rates in Your currency

Q: I am traveling with my family including 3 kids, how do I calculate the total cost?

A: 99% of the hotels follow strictly that rule: One room allows these bedding options a) 1 King size bed (double), or b) 2 single beds (Twin). To both options you can add 1 extra bed, not more than that. Since one 2-bedroom suite is often more expensive than 2 standard rooms, the best solution for a family of 5 would be 2 standard rooms with 1 extra bed to provide room, bed and breakfast for all family members. You can request them to be interconnected, hotels will "note" it but not confirm that prior to check in because they simply don't know if it will be available before you actually check in. In Most cases however this will actually materialize exactly "as noted".

Children under 12 years are mostly free with existing bedding of the parents. You just pay kid's breakfast directly to the hotel, what is easiest solution. Baby cots are provided by the hotels free of charge upon request. According to hotel definitions a child age 12 years or older is required to pay normal full rates for any extra bed (as in "triple share" if there are already 2 people in that room, the child will be the third 'normal' person)

Q: I have a question and want prices for a hotel not listed on your site

A: We offer service for hotels listed, at listed rates, please use the search engine provided to locate other hotels.

=> You can access the Bali hotels search engine by clicking on and following any hotel's "Instant Confirmation" link.

Q: I have a limited budget, what hotels do you recommend?

A: All our listed Hotels and Resorts have current approval and guest's recommendation in order to be and stay listed, this is not one of the travel sites that offers "all hotels in the system", we have that system already filtered and keep only the hotels that remain without major complaints and provide pleasant experiences for guests that stay there. For a definitive overview based on rates, have a look at The Bali Resort Charts

Q: I have never been to Bali, which hotel do you recommend?

A: Since we know nothing about your preferences yet, neither your available budget, what kind of recommendation are you looking for exactly ? Have you considered that rooms can cost as little as $50 or as much as $3000 per night and that this website contains all specific information regarding that to narrow down and help your decision process, and you basically just would need to read the details you would be interested in? Ahh, see, it really is that easy. Start with your budget at above Bali Resort Charts page, decide on a location, read the details, and soon you will have it down to 2 or 3 options that fit your criteria. Just pick one, and next time another. Travel is about making NEW experiences, there is no "absolutely best" option anyone could know in advance. Usually most people trust recommendations of otheres that have been staying at a hotel a year or two before. This might work sometimes, however tastes really are different, and times and places change a lot in a year or two. It could, and most likely is, a completely different situation this time. Come and see for yourself is always the best, make a real discovery.

Q: Do you offer airline tickets to Bali?

A: No, the very idea to charge you the fee for a worldwide secure delivery plus insurance makes that a prohibitive suggestion, but it's easy to find someone that does offer air tickets closer to your area, use a search engine like the specialized Bali search engine where you can seach all these such as Cheap Airfare - Flights To Bali - Singapore Airline - or also Singapore Airfare to Singapore the major connection hub in the region where you can catch multiple hop-over flights to Bali daily and really easy.

Q: What are your terms & conditions and cancellation terms?

A: Generally these terms apply - Some bali hotels have individual terms and you can find the details of it on the reservation page of these hotels where it applies.


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