Bali 8 Ball

The first and Only Bali Beach Game for PC

Classic pinball game in new beach outfit

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bali 8 ball

Shoot the 8 Ball ! Quit talking and start chalking ! Play it now on the tropical island of Bali. 

Bali is surrounded by beaches, Bali 8 ball is played on the beach as well. Or in the office.


Hit the letter "S" and start a new game

"Enter" sends the the first ball into the game, use both "Shift" keys to keep that ball in the game

Shoot the Ball targets on the right side bank first.

Then go for the Bali 8 Ball target (upper right corner). What scores the point value lit on the playfield: 20k, 40k, 60k and increases the value to the next higher level. If the 8 ball is hit when 60k is lit, then the corner pocket and outlanes light for special. The outlane special lights alternate with sling shot hits. When 8 ball target is lit, hitting it lights the playfield DELUXE targets. When Special light between flippers is lit, scores special. The second and third times that the LIT Bali 8 ball target is hit, a special is also scored.

Multiplier targets (upper left inline drop targets). Scores value indicated on playfield and sets multiplier to value on target (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x.) These targets are deceptively difficult to hit safely. Here we know if we got some skill or not.

Left loop. Scores lit value (500 points when not lit) and lights next higher value. The sequence of LIGHTS is: 10k, 30k, 50k, extra ball, 70k, special.

Getting DELUXE scores the value lit on the playfield: 50k or special and resets the ball drop targets. If drop targets are reset, then getting DELUXE also adds 56k to the "super bonus" . If DELUXE is lit and the ball drains before completing it, 56k is added to the SB and the drop targets will be reset on the next ball.

Backglass DELUXE. Getting the backglass DELUXE (see above) causes the DELUXE letters to do a "dance" :) and wins a settable number of specials (0 to 3) -- CLACK! CLACK! CLACK!

Super Bonus is either 0, 56k or 112k Each time DELUXE is lit and completed, AND IF getting deluxe resets the drop targets, then 56k is added to the Super Bonus. In addition, if DELUXE is lit (by getting all ball targets and hitting the lit 8 ball), but is NOT completed before the ball drains, 56k will be added.

(for PC)

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t's always the right time to visit Bali

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