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Bali provides opportunities for those who would like to learn scuba diving, even without theory and pool training, but also some of the best diving spots for the experienced scuba diver. At Sanur Beach you can even experience the sea life from the safety of your diving bubble with the Sea Walker. The only one in Bali - no diving experience needed.

Scuba diving courses

These are more in depth courses provided for beginners by a highly qualified instructor. Special iInternational scuba dive courses in English and Japanese are available. Includes days with an open water diving course program, also theory and practise in the pool, open water dives with all necessary gear like air tanks are ususally included. Open water certificates will be awarded to divers passing the test.


Preferred locations for Bali Scuba diving

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is well known because of it's beautiful scenery and atmosphere. This white sand covered beach spreads, from Bali Beach Hotel to the south. This beach is facing to the east, so we can always see a beautiful sunrise. Sanur is a very nice place to enjoy marine sports activities such as : Jet ski/wave runner. parasailing, water ski, wind surfing, scuba diving etc. It's under water panorama are also very beautiful with colourful tropical fishes, soft coral, and sponges growing on the 25 kilometers of barier reef up to Nusa Dua. You can enjoy scuba diving here from 6 meters deep up to 15 meters.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is a beach at the south of Bali, part of Bukit Paninsula. It is call Nusa Dua because there are two Islands that are united with Bali Island, and the coast arround the Island is called Nusa Dua Beach. The beach has a very white sand and the waves are quiet in the north and bit bigger at the south. Nusa Dua is also the center of water sports activities. It's under water panorama is similar with Sanur sea, because their reef is part of the reef that lies in front of Sanur Beach.

Padang Bay

Padang Bay is located east of Denpasar, just one and half hours by coach. Padang Bay was once a small fishing village but is now a lively tourist center with small restaurants and shops strung along a white sandy beach a port for visiting cruise ships with ferries going to Lombok. However on most days, the bay is used by local ferries and fisherman in small outriggers. These same outrigger are modified with outboard motors to take divers to local sites just ten to fifteen minutes away. The area is known for it's abundance of soft corals, gorgonias and crinoids. The number and variety of nudibrances would excite divers who enjoy finding photographing them and diverse fish life and coral.


One hour from Padang Bay, or two and half hour from Denpasar by coach, Tulamben is Bali's most famous dive site at the base of majestic Agung vulcano. The main attraction here is the sunken Liberty Ship just off the volcanic beach. The wreck is lying 6 meters from the beach until 35 meters, it is provided an accessible and interesting under water attraction for both diver and snokelers. Arriving at Tulamben, local porter carry the dives gears down to the beach, a short swim over black sand brings you to the wreck, where you are going to meet schools of sergeant majors, battish, wrasse and other small fish. The wreck is fully ground with different varieties of clams, coral gorgonias, here you also can feed fishes. Drop off diving also offered here a few meters south side of this Ship Wreck.

Nusa Penida / Lembongan Island

One and half hour by boat from Sanur beach is the Island of Lembongan. The waters between Nusa Penida and Lembongan are subject to strong currents so the feasibility is generally excellent and the soft coral growth prolific. Along the island rocky cliffs are hard coral gardens and diversity of sea life. Most dives are drift dives and experienced boat men always watch for surficing divers. Lembongan is also great for non divers as it has excellent snorkeling in more sheltered in shore waters and cruising arround the island between dives makes a pleasant day with lunch and refreshments.

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