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A weekend at Pita Maha



A weekend at Pita Maha

Ubud, cultural center of the real Bali is a welcome break from
the beach life for visitors to the island. Also a preferred
weekend hideaway for city siders like the crew. 

We inspected the Pita Maha already a few years ago, and have
been instantly captured by the welcoming friendly staff, the
green tropical gardens and beautiful villas of the resort.

Last weekend we actually found the time to stay in one of the
villas with plunge pool ourselves.

All hotel reception staff is usually very friendly in Bali,
here we have found some discreet distinction. Starting from
our arrival they have been most concerned to arrange
everything to our very satisfaction. That is not usually
guaranteed in Bali, friendliness yes, service with attention
to detail is a result of understanding the guests needs.

We arrived by car, instantly someone took care of it. The
reception desk asked us to take a seat and relax with cool
refreshments. The first wow! effect, what a delicious drink,
and thanks for the cold towel.

Another most helpful lady guided us through the jungle-like
gardens to the gate of our villa. High walls completely assure
privacy in all villas. Inside there is a garden in front and
to the valley side of the villa with some good views to the
valley side.

The staff goes into great detail to explain everything of
interest you have to know to make your stay enjoyable. In
front of the villa there is a verandah with coffee table,
chairs, a place to relax and to have an afternoon sleep as
well, and yes the Herald Tribune of today is on the table.

The villa consists of one large room in simple yet
sophisticated understatement design. Bed, furniture and
marmorean floor all are very solid and the room accessories
seem to be uncountable in number.

The conceptors thought of every little thing you might need
like remote controlled AC, ceiling fan, many light sources,
tea and coffee maker, mini bar that includes everything from
water to champagne, TV and full sound and CD system and lots
of remote controls.

A separate lower level seating area with huge class windows to
all sides brings lots of light into the villa during the day.
The bathroom and separate shower have a outdoors atmosphere,
although they are walled from all sides with plants and
greenery inside and a very artistic wall made from lots of
small round stones that add a very natural touch.

A separate part of the bathroom is all in marmor and had
two features that made me chuckle: a small table with several
utensils, one of them a notebook and a pen to write down
important thoughts that might come into your creative
mind just in that very moment. And consequently a phone next
to that to notify your agent about it at once.

The villa has high ceilings with high quality natural alang-
alang grass roofs, as all components inside the villa have a
strong natural emphasis. From writing materials over furniture
to shampoos, bath foam or shaving lotions, everything is made
from natural ingredients.

There is an abundance of towels, and other bathroom utensil
like hairdryer and all sorts of lotions in this villa, also
plenty of water bottles, soft drinks and snacks that makes
you want stay in the first evening.

The restaurant is suitable for breakfast and during the day,
for the evenings we found the room service to be even better.
Once you have such a cozy place you don't want to sit in a
restaurant and listen to a live band.

Rather get a few music cds from the hotels library, and make a
small wave in your flood lighted plunge pool. Yes that's great
also at night. During the day you may get some sun tan on one
of the deck chairs next to the pool.

The mornings reward with a quiet and peaceful scenery, you can
watch the sun rise and a few squirrels jumping the trees in
the garden in front of you. Its an unusually intensive smell
from flowers in the air and now it's time to go for breakfast,
because this scenery makes very hungry.

Pita Maha is indeed a pleasant place for a weekend, a longer
holiday or a place to concentrate and work on a project. The
service is friendly and above average with great attention to

Nature, luxury and privacy, for more details visit:


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