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Nightlife in Bali

Bali's main areas that attract visitors also all have their
night spots. The tastes are different, so for some people the
nightlife has something to do with the "Happy hour" offered at
many bars and restaurants, others just wake up at this time
of day to get ready for the night according to the motto

A preferred area is the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak strip, busy at
all times of day and also open 'til late" or even 24 hours.

We could write a long list of restaurants and venues with
100's of names - instead we like to take you on the Classic
Clubbers' Trail, as recommended by the founders of Bali night
clubbing. If you never have done this you're in for a new
experience to see Bali after sunset and some of the classic
"in" spots.

1) At around 8-9 PM it's time to visit the restaurant that
raised your attention this afternoon on the way back from the
beach. It's time for dinner. Be careful and selective, don't
eat all that looks promising on the menue, there will be other
opportunities later today.

2) Woops! Time went so fast while talking and dining, it's
already 10 PM and you are on your way to Made's Warung to have
coffee and some desert. See who else is in Bali this week.

Appreciate the fact that "Latin music" was here on the
turntable 10 years before it went mainstream. We like to pay
credit to a original site that served excellent food to
"Bali stylists" that have been ALWAYS years ahead in world
behavior/design for the last 20 years. No, I'm not kidding.

3) Well, it was difficult not to meet a lot of people there
and now we all are on the way to Goa 2001 for more chat and
drinks. At midnight it's getting real crowded here. You have
to be a person that can focus on detail to not lose control
on how many interesting people are here. Walk around, mingle
with the crowd and have a mouthful of "small snacks" offered
in japanese, balinese and other flavors.

4) It's 1 am and still looking fresh, now it depends on your
personal preference to visit Double 6 Disco, Gado-Gado Club
or to go back to Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta, but they might close
soon, so better stay in Seminyak for more pub-disco action.
How to find these places? Don't be shy, talk to the person
next to you, most will know.

5) Depending on how you arranged your personal immediate
future you could end up on a private party in one of the
houses in the area, or if you really are The Night Dancer
to will be still in one of the discos until 5 am.

Now at this point of history we do not advise to go straight
for breakfast that early, it would be kind of overdoing it,
it really is now time to go home.

There are many variations to this strategy plan, this is
however the original Classic Bali Clubbers "1'1'1" (no "0") as
delivered by the founders of Bali night clubbing. Have fun!


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