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What grows well in tropical regions, becomes an alternative
for wood and defines the local atmosphere like nothing else? Bamboo! Looks lovely in your garden, is used in constructing your local house and get this: Makes also a delicious tongue twister in the kitchen. 

Visible anywhere on the island, its fiber-root has protective
qualities too in agriculture. It works similar to nets that can
protect every inch of the land. So they are usually cultivated
in the side of a river or creek. Then of course for a nature
based-accommodation, bamboo is a creative choice that is
easily constructed. The pillar, the wall, structures above up
to the roof all look fantastic in bamboo.

Bamboo is also a versatile raw material for furniture where
large size bamboo is used for making chairs, wardrobe and
beds. Such an interior product is now widely produced at Bona village, near Batubulan, Gianyar. This village is endlessly growing to become the center of bamboo handicrafts in Bali and its products have entered large export markets.

While others use bamboo to make musical instruments. Such as bamboo xylophones and flutes. This ethereal rhythm orchestra mixed with wavering flutes usually accompanying Joged Bumbung or the Jegog dance. This kind of music stays in your memory long after you'll leave Bali. It is to typical for an afternoon sitting on a verandah in Ubud overlooking the rice paddies. Once you like it you will miss it forever.

Farmers usually use bamboo sound to dismiss the birds that
eat their paddy in the rice field. A tall bamboo pole is
holed along the length on the upper side or using a separate
short bamboo log put on topside. When blown by the strong
wind it will sound like a saxophone. To find the right blows,
they will put a tail of plaited coconut leave on the upper
edge of the pole. The tail will adjust or navigate the
direction of the pole to get enough wind.

Bamboo can also be a delicious cuisine on the table of your
dinning room. In the village we liked to try the recipe of
this kind of bamboo shoot. Select the youngest bamboo shoot that is still wrapped. Uncover the sheath then wash in the fresh water. Slice thin and make it like a matchstick. Boil it until soft. Fry a simple sauce of scraped coconut, turmeric, shallot, chili and garlic then mixed together with the soft shoot.

Food - furniture - music!, bamboo is everywhere in Bali. A
material so typical for the island you will connect it with
Bali anytime while thinking about the time you had here. I
usually don't fall in love with materials that consist of
atoms, this one comes close.


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