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Beyond the Beaches:
other reasons to visit Bali, Indonesia

One of the main reasons for attracting so many visitors is
Bali's image as a beach destination, with white sandy beaches
all around. 

More than perfect beaches, there are other reasons to visit beautiful Bali.

Everyone knows that the relaxing atmosphere of a perfect Bali beach is more than enough to fill out a complete summer vacation. But as crazy as it sounds, even the biggest beach bums get tired of the sands and surf sometimes. Here are other reasons to visit the island of Bali.

The Local Cuisine

As most will tell you, the food itself is good enough reason to spend a couple days or even weeks in Bali. Local stalls, kiosks, and native-ran restaurants boldly do business side by side with modern and posh European style establishments.

Notable places to try out the cuisine are:

Kuta Beach, where, as residents proudly state, you could eat at a different place for each one of your meals and you won’t eat the same thing twice in a month.

Ubud: Reputably offers the most interesting menus on Bali. Serves everything from original Western to Javanese cuisine.

There’s also Nusa Dua Bali, Sanur, Bukit Peninsula, Denpasar, Padang Pai, and countless other places. Offers are as varied as the avaialble nuances of the food itself, and it’s definitely a good idea to try as many restaurants and dishes as you can master – provided your stomach’s up for the myriad of spices and tastes you’re likely to experience.

Relaxation in the luxurious Balinese Spas

No one needs convincing that in Bali, spa treatment is one of the most effective ways to relax and forget about work related stress. Let those troubles be melted off by a traditional Balinese bath and massage. The internationally renowned Mandara Spa actually originated in Bali, and is just one of the many spa treatment facilities that dot the island. A Balinese spa treatment might be a little steep financially, but it’s a unique experience that’s truly worth trying.


Bali hosts the largest local Hindu community outside of India. The island practices Amaga Hindu, a branch of traditional Hinduism in India. A major difference of this branch of Hindu is that the Balinese Hindus eat cow meat, taboo to Indian Hindus.

Many temples dot the island. All of which showcase the diverse architecture of the Balinese people. Most notably are:

The Besakih Temple (The mother temple of Bali): This temple has 18 separate sanctuaries (for different castes) that surround the 3 main temples (each dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma), making it the biggest of all the temples in Bali. Considered to be the holiest Balinese temple, it is situated at approximately 3000 ft. or 1000 meters. The perfect time to visit this temple is before the arrival of the tourist throngs (earlier than 8am), when it is most beautiful and serene.

Pura Tirta Temple: This temple boasts 2 bathing spots where regular ceremonies of purification are held. The waters from these baths come from sacred Tampak Siring spring (where an inscription dates is back to 926 A.D.). The temple itself is believed to date from the 11th century A.D. or the 1000s.

The island of Bali offers more than just the perfect Bali beach; the local culture awaits the avid adventure-seeker.


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